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Jonathan Larson
B. 2.4.1960 New York City / D. 1.25.1996 New York City
Aortic aneurysm

I had a strange experience tonight when I flitted off from PBS at Washington Week’s conclusion.
I love Gwen Ifill.

Practicing my latest C-Span kick I wound up head-on with George W. Bush speaking in public, earlier today, at an economics club in Chicago which struck me as sort of small time considering his celebrity.
I flinch first at his image and then at his barking.
I turn down the sound, watch and see he’s really worked up a temper.
I unmute, and learn it’s the public schools.
He’s really angry at non-White Christian teachers, every Commie Dyke Darkie Jew one of them, keeping kids back.
He doubts their work ethic; he abhors their sympathies.
I warm to him; I hate them too.
A Brighter Future for America.

Of course I don’t hate public school teachers, but what I’m trying to get at here is the president’s essentially limbic appeal to a lower common denominator than that with which one normally mixes while thinking;
He’s got an edge.

not like the buzz Clinton could cause but more like a shadowy rush, suddenly dimming the background; what’s left to see looks very simple.
We’re still making stuff and sending it off.
Yes more nurses would be good.
Dig the loose and confident carriage.
Compared to anyone he’d be convincing.

I caught myself thinking George W. Bush met professional standards, just like I thought a long time ago in a high school auditorium where they were putting on a high school play:
A Brighter Future for America.
I catch a whiff of steroids.
He’s just padding his clubs and activities list.
The lockered hallways settle on me like an iron lung.

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