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Maatkare Hatshepsut
B. 1473 BC Egypt / D. 1458 BC Egypt

Am I so false? Am I so worsened by failure? Am I alone?
I ask you.

Is The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves from someplace in the Bible?
Iíve been trying to recall.

That relationshipótechnically, was I ever far enough inside to fall out the back, as Iíve been claiming?
Maybe I got a little turned around.

The intermittent publishing of bits of sentences in bunchesóis it enough?
I wonder.

What sobered me? What do I pray to? Isnít it Luck in a wig?
Iím not in the mood for religion.

Havenít I crammed in enough yet? Look at my deadlines and by-lines, look at my giving. Look how my weeknights bulge with neighborly visits and church meetings. Look at my reading list, look at me when I wrote this, listening to Hindemith. Look at all these cats and say Not enough, not even now?
Iíve run out of fresh resolutions.

Better me, best meómay I dare you? Or better not strain, tell me No.
Everyoneís well-being concerns me.

How can I feel, all the time? What kind of better life could require this? Sponge-like with recourse to a large pump: it really shakes my faith in evolution.
Iím kidding but it does.

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