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Marilyn Monroe (b. Norma Jean Mortenson)
B. 6.1.26 Los Angeles / D. 8.6.62 Los Angeles
Unnatural Causes (Pills)

The emu revolution is gathering momentum and is poised to become the next substantial domestic and export earner over the world. What I need to do is write a book about Marilyn Monroe. About how she symbolizes something. America. Women. Capitalism.
Emu farming has opened a potential product range that has international scope with demands so great that the expansion over the next decade promises to be significant, resulting in staggering earning potential for breeders and investors alike. Something.
A new opportunity is available for business to participate at various levels in this exciting new industry. The emu industry is in its infancy and now is the time to become involved. I値l make it a short book, with lots of pictures預 big thick book, that is, with very little text and a whole lot of pictures.
Emu Meat is red in color with flavor similar to beef yet contains less calories and cholesterol than chicken. Additionally, emu is a pure, wholesome product containing NO chemicals or hormones. Qualities are sure to satisfy the appetites of many health conscious people. What I値l have to do is get permission, lots of permissions熔ne for each photograph.
Emu Oil is receiving worldwide acclaim for its medical as well as cosmetic applications. It is currently being used and tested as a medical carrier, an aid to arthritis and all types of muscle and joint pain as well as a treatment for burn pain and scarring. In addition, claims that emu oil possesses extraordinary anti-aging elements are currently under study with results to date attracting serious interest from the cosmetic industry. The thing to do is to write a book proposal, and take it to a publisher, and get the publisher to get the permissions.
Emu Leather is a world class leather that is attracting overwhelming interest in the high fashion industry as exotic leather with high value. The thing about publishers is that they have office staffs, who do things like make phone calls and send forms out requesting permission.
Emu Feathers are the only forked feathers in the world with their long, narrow design complimenting high fashion and jewelry designs in addition to practical uses such as feather dusters and fishing lures. I値l need to dress up for a meeting with the production designer where we値l sit at a conference table, up to our elbows in photographs of Marilyn Monroe, selecting the ones to put into my book.
Emu Eggs are the only eggs in the world supporting 8 layers of colors allowing them to be carved into cameo fashion heirlooms and cut and transformed into music and jewelry boxes. What am I talking about葉hey値l never let me help choose the photographs!
No other livestock can be compared to the emu in its offerings. In producing two vital and at least three decorative by-products, the emu surpasses even the buffalo in product diversity and yield. I am a nobody.

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