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Vladimir Nabokov
B. 4.22.1899 St. Petersburg / D. 7.2.1977 Lausanne
Bronchial Congestion

I made a decision. A long time ago. To be the best doctor that I could be. Not the best husband, maybe, the best father, but the best doctor!
Dad, what happened? Are you okay?
Itís my last surgery. I donít have time for this.
When you fall in love with someone, you change and give up certain things.
Itís weird not knowing if youíre married or not.
Jack still say heís your best friend?
Youíre my best friend.
Donít play me.
When do the guests arrive?
Guests. You mean one, tonight.
Have fun for the both of us.
Four nights? Leaving Tuesday? Dinnerís at 7, 7:30 if you prefer, because you areó
The only guest.
Is something wrong with your table?
I didnít want to eat alone.
Well you didnít come here for the beach.
No, I came here to talk to someone.
It must have been very hurtful. For you. To be held responsible.
Is he good looking?
Donít start with me.
I made that. Itís to keep special things safe.
What keeps you safe?
I want to come home.
Dad told me how he hurt you.
Iím really sorry!
When are you going to remember who you really are anymore?
Just stop it!
I want you to know. That any man is a fool. Who doesnít know how lucky he is. To have you.
You gave me back my father. You saved him.
We saved each other.
Looks this good, if he has a dirty mind, oh yes, heís definitely a keeper.
Thereís a kind of love that makes you feel that anythingís possible. I want you to know. That you can have that.
One weekend changed my life. Forever.

Dialogue from the preview for ďNights in RodantheĒ (2008)

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