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Chico Marx (b. Leonard Marx)
B. 3.22.1887 New York City / D. 10.11.1961 Hollywood
Heart Disease

Justine Henin retired from tennis this season
And Iím reminded of my sex life
a.k.a. The Broken Thread
ack ack ack
It used to be the lushest one in Christendom
Pull it out fill it up
But now my sex life snaps off when it grasps itself.

She retired at the top with every show of dignity
And I think about the high points of my sex life
Iíll never see those points again
Just my luck
Abandoned in the airless reaches of some conquered rocks
Their names here
My sex life canít resuscitate itself.

No longer herself as a player she retired from the game
Not unlike what became of my sex life
When The Obsessions got me
Donít look back!
Stunned by one too many antonyms upon the noggin
Win lose have lose real not
My sex life started to pursue itself.

Justine Henin can live with never winning Wimbledon
But just try telling that to my sex life
It will not be a meeting of the minds:
Why a duck?
Barricaded fast inside routines of speculation
Why not me?
My sex life walks a hall of mirrors, beside itself.

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