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Jerry Falwell
B. 8.11.1933 Lynchburg / D. 5.15.2007 Lynchburg
Heart Failure

Isnít it cool that Jerry Falwell died?
I think itís cool. I mean he had to go sometimeóso isnít it cool he went now, after a big lunch, and didnít have another twenty years of feeding on fame, spewing excremental notions into the moral environment, being Jerry Falwell. Now there is no one being Jerry Falwell.
And itís nice.
I think itís very nice. Sparing a thought for his family, nice too the skipping of the deathbed vigil. It was better this way, being pleasantly wowed with the rest of workstation crowd, with the idly clicking millions to have clicked a link for news with eyelids clenched to suffer more dead bodies...and Surprise! Itís his.
Such a relief.
I am so relieved to know Iíll never moan Die! Die! at Jerry Falwellís face again. I could feel it degrade me whenever this happened. Him there dishing out the expertise; me among the millions in question, in jeopardy, brutally judged, brutally agonized...I donít like being forced to feel contempt.
Isnít it better to hate one less person?
I donít see how the world can fail to become a better place now that Jerry Falwellís dead. I feel the dawning of the age of Aquarius, I mean it. The mourners, stunned, just the way I like them; and sorrow and pity for those who donít rejoice.

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