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Artemisia Gentileschi
B. 7.8.1593 Rome / D. 1653 Naples
Loss of powers

Antlers. I want antlers.
A magnificent set of velvet napped antlers is all I require to complete me. Not in the moose vein or the ram vein, with broad seashell- and slab-like expanses: theyd obscure the sight lines of my fellow opera patrons. I want antlers many-pronged, high, but opening to views in the manner of the most delicate Islamic window screens. The tips of the many prongs would be of two natures, some very hard and sharp, ever in the act of spearing; the rest round and downy and nerve-filled as fingertips or ears and similarly thrilled by sensation. In time, these more responsive prongs would reach their growth and subside into the hard, pointy, and unfeeling state of their maturity. With various aloe and verbena balms I would maintain my antlers as some do mahogany armchairs or baseball gloves, their gleam suggesting a suppleness touch would belie. For not only would I clatter and thrust my antlers at adversaries, but Id also very freely incline my head to invite their delighted exploratory stroking by children and tourists and waitresses.

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