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Princess Countess Barbara Hutton Mdivani Reventlow Grant Troubetzkoy von Graham Rubirosa Doan
B. 11.12.1912 New York City / D. 5.11.1979 Beverly Hills
Permanent drunken despair

A friends of mine in her previous relationship reached the open marriage phase, not at her own but at her girlfriend’s choosing. It was very odd being at their place for parties when the other, younger girlfriend’s team arrived. Liking different songs and singers they’d occasion stretches where the party music grated on the old friends’ nerves. Then a newcomer with strong hooks and a good beat
I regret that no name comes to mind
would draw us one by one or whole back to our party places where attention turned on a dime to wonderment
a youthful gene pool plus varieties of marriage and alcohol equals
and pondering. Were we not stodgy? (And some at this point being in relationships opted for yes, they were stodgy, henceforth their oath-sworn party pose; some forever after to arrive as if emerging from a trunk of stodgy, mustier.) Then what prevented us from crossing? Some obstacle? Perchance this party day had finally brought us to the river—perchance our years had finally seen us to the promised day when all become beloved. Still, nothing ever happened that I know of.
my past.

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