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Marie Curie (b. Marie Sklodowska)
B. 11.7.1867 Warsaw / D. 7.4.1934 Savoy, France
Aplastic anemia

Because secrets are fun.
Men of course don’t understand this properly because men have brains like rocks.
Specifically metamorphic rocks are what the male brain most resembles:
(“Metamorphic rocks are rocks which have been changed. Changes may be barely visible, or may be so great that it is impossible to determine what the original rock once was.”)
Not for men the penetration of delicious insight
or the thrilling to the marrow
when a wild-ish guess proves right—
and then the silence. Their gems they disclose.
But I exaggerate.
(“Gems are the most prized and famous of all minerals.”)
Secrets are so much fun and so delicious.
Real secrets not things people said for the grapevine
nor shiny pebbles left in a trail to a false conclusion
(“Minerals are chemicals. They are chemical elements or compounds found naturally in the crust of the earth. They are inorganic, in contrast to organic chemicals (made mainly of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen) typical of living things.”)
but deep-rooted unroll in their growing a map of the true heavens—
until their giving up. The single most important lesson taught by any woman of the previous century to the women of this one, is:
If you discover radium don’t tell.

Quotations from Rocks and Minerals: A Golden Nature Guide by Herbert S. Zim (1957)

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