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Edward Montgomery Clift
B. 10.17.1920 Omaha / D. 7.23.1966 New York City
Coronary occlusion

I confess.

I only listened to the Alito hearings as an excuse to play computer solitaire. I regret now the many hours of pleasure I denied my cat Tippi by not leaving the sound down on Animal Planet instead.

I am addicted to computer solitaire.

I thought he sounded like a decent man, if a rather bland and under-formed one; moreover if Robert Byrd thinks him decent that’s good enough for me.

I never finished reading the Constitution.

I didn’t and I don’t understand how the other Democrats could be so stupid. Why lose an esteem-draining battle before billions of spectators? Surely a situation calling for strategy—instead they’ve got bluster.

I would consider fucking Joe Biden.

Why did the Democrats persist in showing the sorriest side of themselves? Barking losers charging in counterattack, impaled upon parliamentary parries of comical ease;

Gary Oldman’s Dracula got deep inside me.

losing and losing in eight-hour time block tidal waves of loserness and loss—as if it all had to happen. Here they’ve got a guy who’s a blank. He’s been clinging to the cliff face and relying on consensus to keep him from tumbling into the blank beyond of his own neutrality; over anything remotely controversial, he’s just flipping a coin.

I once lost $20 in a 3-card monte game on Boston Common—instantly.

Here they’ve got a guy who’s only craving from brainstem to bowel the acceptance of powerful men, you can read he’ll do anything, and the stupid Democrats don’t try and turn him. Where was their smarm when their country needed it? Everyone knows how the Democrats can work their will on a person—look what they do to actors.

I once embarrassed myself by shouting “Heads Will Roll!” at Christopher Walken outside a Broadway theater.

Instead they make a new enemy. My country’s future traded for red face time by clowns.

Consolation Site: Quebec City

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