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Lafayette Ronald Hubbard
B. 3.13.1911 Tilden, Nebraska / D. 1.24.1996 Creston, California

Trivial is trivial but what is too trivial must be something else. Not meaningless, meaningless is what’s beyond the outer extreme of “too trivial,” whatever that is: the intermediate term, a fat gray ring on the concentric zone chart. Between trivial and meaningless lies. . .not the inconsequential. Who can picture the inconsequential out of disguise? If it weren’t plying some ruse to conceal its weightiness and confound its keepers, if it were trimmed of its mandarin fingernails, the inconsequential would only be trivial—or too trivial. Which is also not to say unimportant, a mottled term for a massy disorganized mixture of matters that looks and sets like concrete. Too trivial has never paved a sidewalk. It’s closer in substance to window reflections of the windows across the way; whereas trivial would be the reflections of everything passing between them: a taxi out-of-service light, a sooty swoop of wing. Absurd isn’t it either: while too trivial can be absurd it neither possesses nor claims any comic potential in general. Similarly, delusional. There’s no call for histrionics. What must be got at with a word for “too trivial” is its immediate quality of being mildly irksome. (But “mildly irksome” won’t do at all except to denote this quality, which must be further qualified by its immediacy.) Crap comes closest, onomatopoeically, to the muffled “blaaat” that issues from the headlands of the forebrain at too trivial’s sighting, the sound of an alarm on a movie spaceship:

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