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Hedda Hopper (b. Elda Furry)
B. 5.2.1885 Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania / D. 2.1.1966 Hollywood
Double Pneumonia

In the manner of Hollywood California I’ve come up with the title and tag-line but now have no particular idea of how to proceed.
Is it really very evil to screen?
Clooney Not Gay Obituary: it almost cries out to be known as an acronym.
Aren’t there times when it is good to screen—good because it is bad to go crazy?
And I whatever points a way out of the current sequence of I-sentence tag-lines; with I whatever I preserve my freedom: if only a small and highly technical aspect thereof, still it matters to me.
If crazy is shroudedness into which others come as piercing pain pierces; if crazy is stunned by repetition but would otherwise scream;
Character-wise I see a weakling for the protagonist. Obviously this can be changed to make it someone only impersonating a weakling for plot-driving reasons such as self-amusement or revenge.
if crazy is hag-ridden postures related to back pain; if crazy is staring at piles of unkempt clothes while intoning Wow and That’s interesting;
Urban, scored to classical: I see a Battle of the Sexes in which someone loses a pen.
if crazy is coming in over the wires—and it is—then I screen:
Hilarity ensues.
Let what I miss weigh against me.

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