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Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna
B. 6.14.28 Rosario, Argentina / D. 10.9.67 La Higuera, Bolivia
Homicide / Gunshot

“At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love.”
Second night in a row on the D train, 24 hours after leaving the WBAI book party for Amy Goodman at Cooper Union’s Great Hall, I glance over at the newspaper on the seat across the aisle. Think, Oh now that’s clever, thank you USA Today, thank you Karl Rove, they coin a disease name for worrying about where the money’s coming from
and where it goes, into the dead bodies all over Fallujah for one—could this get any more typical? Now every time our side wants to talk about job loss and outsourcing and corporate welfare and war profiteers, the idiots in the US media will get all diagnostic on our ass
and suggest we try Paxil. I’m serious, at any foreseeable point in my life might this stop happening? Will anything ever stop getting worse? Can the forces of good prevail when evil writes the headlines? Does Amy Goodman really have hope, as she said at the end of her speech—or was that just an exit strategy? Meanwhile
resolves itself into the heading of the Business section of La Prensa or El Diario, I couldn’t see for certain. There were color photos though, so it had to be something fairly reactionary.

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