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St. Louise de Marillac
B. 8.15.1591 Meaux, France / D. 3.15.1660 Paris
Natural Causes

One of the photocopied handouts I got at church, Iím reading on the Q train coming home from my sisterís birthday dinner at La Bonne Soupe
Best kept secret in Manhattanódo not tell!
on 55th Street between 5th and 6th
anyway this class at church, there are readings for it; the one Iím reading is about Godís covenant with us, humanity
how well-kept a secret could it be when the place is always so extremely crowded?
and I get to this part where itís all about, finally, If God has a covenant with humanity, then why the Holocaust?
At La Bonne Soupe, where you find the French in droves
Soon it occurs to me that Iíve gotten too old to expect or hope to find the answer in the next paragraph, as to why God allowed the Holocaust
the atmosphere is redolent with melted cheese and grave complaint
As if the letters on the page I held had coalesced into a dropper-full of acrid brown fatigue, a drop falls on my hand and makes a liver freckle, there, between those knuckles and below
and talk of better times
Itís disquieting, to think with such impatience, Here comes another one.
Bonne anniversaire ma soeur!

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