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Carole Lombard (b. Jane Alice Peters)
B. 10.6.08 Fort Wayne, Indiana / D. 1.16.42 outside Las Vegas
Airplane Crash

What a yarn
and another thing
next one to say something gets it right
hey boss!
in the kisser
delightful to see you just simply
you heard me
divine I donít know when Iíve had a better time
stuff it lady
well I never!
sure sure sure put a sock in it
hey boss!
what is it Lefty?
if youíll excuse me I believe there has been a considerable misunderstanding and I for one
you too professor back in your seat
oh I canít stand it I canít stand it I tell you I canít I canít!
simmer down sweetheart take a load off
hey boss! boss! the old dame sheís got a gun!
and Iíll use it Iím warning you
stand back away from the door all of you!
donít worry she wonít get far while I have these
I had a feeling youíd pull a trick like that my dear just like the trick you pulled on Moroni
that swine!
that swine was your lover
hey boss!
not now Lefty just flump
I said the next one to say something and I meant hey put me down!
now this wonít hurt a bit dear
oh. . .you

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