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Christina Onassis
B. 12.11.50 New York City / D. 11.19.88 Buenos Aires
Pulmonary Edema / Barbiturates

I am throwing money at my boredom. The change from twenties piles up in my pockets so thick I canít get my pants off. Pity the children who stand between me and the convenience store aisle with the cat litter.
Move move move!
I am strolling. The mauve or violet or lavender cast of the sea where it sways to the left of the setting sun attracts me; I leave my shadow behind for the pink-bellied gulls.
Pick pick pick!
Myopia has distended the surface of my eyes. Sometimes phenomena crowd up too close and my sight has no breathing room.
Back back back!
This is my corner, these are the grudges I've hoarded. Sticks of rolled candy, root beer and peppermint, butterscotch, watermelon; I suck each one into a bleached and brittle spear, then add it to my sheath. My lips are stained a birth-mark blue with bothersome personalities. I am not doing this for pleasure.
Take take take!

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