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Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (b. Elsa Hildegard Plötz)
B. ?.1885 Swinemünde, Germany / D. 12.14.1927 Paris
Homicide / Practical Joke

Stand long enough at the sink doing dishes, a mantra suggests itself.
I am making progress.
Rinse and load enough cat food spoons into the dishwasher, you start repeating it aloud.
I am making progress. I am making. . .Progress.
If you’ve spent long enough around artists,
While moving from one point to another
or enough art galleries,
with the materials at hand
you’re bound to think “Oooh—put it in a text-based installation piece!”
I am making progress.
It’s very exciting until you realize, Are you awake enough? With all those MFA chick mills out there, this one must have been done.
I am making progress.
For whom, and when, was it last enough to say “I am making progress” for cheer to rise, unblemished by self-mockery or political despair? You wonder.
I am making progress.
Could be—probably is, such souls are still out there, self-motivating at sinks by the million, perhaps; only sheltered enough from contemporary art to be unbothered by the reflexive tics its echoes engender
“Every day in every way”
and trigger, too.
I am making progress.
But it’s enough for you, Miss Cusp, to fish a stray demitasse spoon off a dishwasher floor for every speck of beneficial mojo to be swiped from the phrase. You leave only the syllables standing.

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