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Mario Puzo
B. 10.15.20 New York City / D. 7.2.99 Bay Shore, Long Island
Heart Attack

Angelic voice—chiming in when I take just-a just-a just another instant before turning off the TV to see what’s next on Cinemax—because it might be Spy Kids—but instead I read The Wash Starring Dr. Dre Snoop Doggy Dog.
A planned unilateral diplomatic response to Courtney Love.
Oh! No! No! No!
Impossibly beautiful! Unsurpassable! I refer of course to the closing passage of Sid & Nancy now,
if only for its Staten Island view across to the shores of Lower Manhattan where the two towers—green, the deepest most vitreous green—share an ermine stole that billows round their graceful necks—high mists, sunrise-flecked, filmed before they dissipated.
Spent the whole damn evening of what’s supposed to be the Lord’s day trying to internet-track down the source of the saying “Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer” for a piece that was running as follows:

The perfect gift from heaven—the apartment of my dreams. World peace—I want that too of course. . .very much. . .and once ensconced in the apartment of my dreams I shall want it all the more—I promise. Meanwhile don’t waste another weekend telling me they’re going to kill Arafat—don’t bother trying to start me up again. Wolf! Wolf! I’ll tell you it’s just like in the saying—that saying they have. . .

Wading through a noxious plethora
of putatively-researched attributions to “Michael Corleone,” I came at last to The Art of War by Sun Tzu of somewhere in China (c. 550-496 B.C.). Business publishing sites especially abound in pages which assign this as the source—erroneously;
Bull. Shit.
as I learned upon reading it for myself, and then scanning it through again for key words and phrase variations. Obviously some obscurely-motivated gang of freakheads has pushed this silly lie hard enough for it to become common currency.
Eh! Basta!
I’m forced to choose between wrong and wrong. . .so Mario Puzo it is.

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