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Twenty Six Bodies
D. 5.6.37 Lakehurst, New Jersey
Immolation / Plummeting

Are blimps a good omen?
I ask, because I saw one over New Jersey from my Amtrak window seat en route to Washington DC two Sundays ago. Sometimes I have seen two blimps in the sky together. Yesterday I saw one that must have been harbor cruising for U.S. Open TV filler shots, way down at the foot of Twelfth Street, Brooklyn, where I was looking for a new place to live.
(Didnít find one.)
What is the good in a good omen? Donít I just jump to conclusions? Iíll meet someone! Iíll love it! Iíll be immortal!óbratty by nurture, I want my Hollywood allóand donít spare the signs heralds portents, either. Then what? Thanks for nothing you heavensóhere I am right back where I started! Nor am I buying Fuji film!óthe point so easily eludes me (Iím like Dokic in Round Two); the point at which good omens succeed, their form fitting futureóthat is, in the moment of safe homecoming.
Good omens, collected into lore during vigils at the mouths of cavesó
the original confidence-builders.
And blimps?
Rocket fuel in the paint (one fatal one-time design flaw)and a passage into electrical storms over New Jersey combined in KABOOM!óa spectacular aerial silhouette turned synonym for catastrophe, instantly. Any caveman could tell you: if blimps are a good omen, then so are the Williams Sisters.

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