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Selena (b. Selena Quintanilla Perez)
B. 4.16.71 Lake Jackson, Texas / D. 3.31.95 Corpus Christi, Texas
Assassination / Gunshot

Hispanic culture is one I find intensely frustrating. I don’t think Hispanics are asking enough of themselves. After I’d learned a little Spanish I started listening in on subway conversations and the like. More than a decade later I’ve no more than a handful of times heard ANYTHING that wasn’t all about trabajo. Thirty-six jobs apiece and they don’t support the arts, don’t dress well, don’t set up attractive shops. Labor of the cheapest most exploited sort, their sole idea of organizing is to buy larger television sets so that a larger portion of the people they live with can see Telemundo without leaving their store-credit-got modular berths.
The women lose their looks too young; their offspring teem and are obesity-inclined; and the reeling suicidal savagery to which the Hispanic male is reduced by intoxication—therefore frequently—it’s no urban myth.
As to the Hispanic middle class, its silence is deafening. Why? They all keep servants! Stunted closer-to-Incan creatures who barely speak Spanish and who will never read, scrub their floors and finger-press their tortillas—en casa, tax free! Maintain as a privilege unmolested by law the unrestrained beating of servants who steal: if the Hispanic middle class ever marched, this would be on the banners.
And then there’s J. Lo.
Wherever they go might as well be a dictatorship.

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