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Christine Jorgensen (b. George Jorgensen)
B. 5.30.26 Bronx / D. 5.3.89 San Clemente, California
Bladder Cancer

Today the usual workday, trying to concentrate at the desk while playing Court TV in the background. A woman changes to and marries (in Florida) as a man, stays married for a few years (to a woman who knew all about the operations in the first place), and then runs off with the wifeís best friend. The wife claims heís living with her friend now ďas a lesbian not as a man.Ē She claims furthermore that the husband never lived with her as a man eitheróbeing in fact no man at all, and therefore no father to the two children they managed to acquire through adoption and insemination (by the husbandís brotherís sperm). Ergo (she says, while still claiming child support) neither custody nor visitation rights are due. What with the parade of distractions posed by my work and the numerous legal points in dispute here making their haphazard way into the open, itís well into the afternoon before the possibility of going down on a four-inch clitoris catches my eye. Then it springs out and grabs me. I think: This could be the answer to all of my problems. She-Males!
Maybe Iíll wander into one of those transgendered support group meetings Iím always hearing about, see if itís as Iíve suspectedóthat Iím with the wrong member of the damn lesbian Everest expedition team. Oh yes. Bring them on.

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