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Megan Boyd
B. 1.29.15 England / D. 11.15.01 Golspie, Scotland
Old Age / Swallowed A Cat

Social isolation: hothouse of the head—can’t beat it for steaming the wrinkles out of old imaginary plots
women women women women kissing
what a relief (I keep saying that! So falsely!) to get the middles of your made-up movies sorted and their endings pressed precisely so
with the appropriate setting to popular music, of course.
Unrequited love: takes so many years in the making, a constant design challenge
exquisite dream bait for dangling in rivers run dry.
Cut—print—whatever that was
or some persistent anxiety’s final formation achieved, as Oscar winner: another complex comic masterpiece developed for my private shelf, quite impossible of distribution
one blossom, one-of-a-kind, invisible, inviolate from all.
Oi-i! Oi-i! (*)
It’s blooming curious:
whatever you think at the time it pains you the most that you’re sure to outgrow—the shameful stuff of hours which most define you to yourself as passing through abnormal phases—that’s YOU!

Consolation Site: The Eaton Crop indeed

(*) A salute to New York’s pushy bastard Brits on their 24-hour a day media piss-up at the colonists’ expense—yes thank you SO MUCH for the heartwarming tales, filtered through 4 a.m. re-writes, of plucky commoners rewarded with audience by your tiresome tiresome tiresome queen. "Is believed to have been born in England," really. Go home!!!

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