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Harry Stack Sullivan
B. 2.21.1892 Norwich, New York / D. 1.14.1949 Paris
Cerebral Ischemia

Strange coicidence that on the same day I refer to my paychecks as “my shakes” in conversation (do I visualize figs?)
I see Angelina on HBO's Taxicab Confessions talking about how hard it is to have a boyfriend and be a chatroom junkie simultaneously, and she happens to say, “What would you do if your sufficient other walked in and saw you. . .” (whatever, I missed it). But I mean, just when you think New York’s latina sex addicts aren’t even bothering to learn the language—holy olé!
Sufficient indeed that stiletto to the fatty old ribs of “significant”—well-punctured. It’s about time the proud tyrant toppled, having taxed its last unwilling tongue—el pa-pa-padrone on a last gasp of self-praise expiring. Sufficient—thank you ladies, that I can manage. What a relief to know you’re parsing adjectives on the dance floor. Unless it’s something that showed up on Friends in 1995 and now it’s not even lingo no more—only vocabulary I missed when I was drinking. . .or even worse, maybe I didn’t miss it, maybe I embraced it, and then forgot it years ago, along with god knows how much else of value.
Research—research calms me. My significant other—just as I suspected, turns out to be no more than a concept I should have mastered in pre-adolescence, but didn’t. (Note to self: Hence all my little secrets from the world.) So please let’s be realistic.

Consolation Site: Coined The Phrase in 1953

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