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Louis Comfort Tiffany
B. 2.18.1848 New York City / D. 1.17.1933 New York City

I cling to my opacity as I do to my meat and tobacco diet, my badness at maintaining contact with others, my not-doing of yoga—I intend and intend, and then go back to work on the walls of my hive. The thing is, you know, say I do go out and meet a woman, and she pleases me with her knowledge of the locations of Tiffany windows in war-torn New York’s churches and graveyards and homes—and I think, Well that's a sweet civilized manner of weekending with someone, on sidewalk pilgrimages to the endangered glowing shrines of the decorative arts in America—so I make as if to date.
Undifferentiated my labors on this filigree of frame—this setting for the promised panes of liquid light which I, unfertilized, remain unequipped to deliver. And then in her apartment (or her co-op!), just as my coat has been removed from view, just as she’s coming back, coming up behind me, say I see everything Joyce Carol Oates has ever written, in hardback, taking up a wall. Do I stick around for the honey?
But remember, “The evil ones have sparked an interesting change in America.” Right. So yes I guess so.

Quotation from Presidential Press Conference (10.11.01)

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