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Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel
B. 8.19.1883 Saumur, France / D. 1.10.1971 Paris
Sudden, in her private quarters at the Ritz Hotel

As my friend and I were approaching the Tribeca police barricade with the best view of the BOMB SITE I observed of a young woman coming from that very direction, “Here’s a nose job.” But Jessica said, "No."
And indeed, just as we passed her, one piece of scotch tape gave way and the woman with a face pale and stricken fumbled to replace the strip of cotton gauze across her nostrils and her lips. She was suggestible.
Today, this funky Yom Kippur, the broadcasters were finally unleashed on reports of a smell. Which I didn’t notice tonight.
Yet this epidemic of manic-depressive nap-time demeanors and episodes of frozen will of which reports drift in to me somehow—something has triggered them. No well-founded fear is ever fully forgotten.
The corpse molecule content per square foot of air count passes some threshold, and deep ding-donging alarm bells start going off. Catastrophe. Plague. Flight signals we cannot obey, for professional reasons.

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