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Scott LaRock (b. Scott Sterling)
B. 3.2.62 Bronx, NY / D. 9.27.87 Bronx, NY

Go back to Mrs Cakes'. Give her the ectoplasm. Go to the beggars, and use the imp boots on the bottle. Use the bottle on Foul Ole Ron's smell. Go to Gimlets. Get the chili powder. Use the menu. Talk to Gimlet, using the smile icon, then the mouseburger icon. Go to the Trolls Head pub in the Shades. Get the matches. Talk to the troll. Use the beer on the corn. Use the drugged corn on the rooster. Use the flamingo on the Dean, the shark on the Bursar, and the wading bird on the Librarian. Go over to the beehives. Use the clickies booklet on the beekeeper. Use the chili powder on the flowers. Use the lit incense on the bees. Go to the beggars, and use the rooster on the coffee can. Go to the troll pub, and use the rooster on the vampire. Go into the crypt, use the ladder on the coffin, climb the ladder, and get the false teeth. Use the false teeth on the mouse. Use the test tube on the fangs. Go to the Dining Hall. Give the mouse blood, mallets, smell, glitter, and candles to the Arch Chancellor. Go down the hole. Go right. Go up to the warehouse. Use the slab. Use the dummy's hand on Rincewind. Go to the dead collector, and use the certificate on him. Go to Djelibeybi. Go to the camel park. Talk to the salesman, using the smile, and then the camel icon. Leave, and go to the hill. Talk to Bone Idle using the musical icon, then use the knife on him. Go to the pyramid. Get the glue, and use the scissors on the bandage. Use the bandage on the wooden arm. Go to the oasis, and use the bandaged wooden arm on the rotten arm. Go to HolyWood. Go to the costume room. Look at the horse outfit. Talk to the dwarf about the horse outfit. Double click on the rotten arm. Go to the imp trainer, get the camera. Ask him about getting an imp. Go to XXXX land (off the map). Look at the sticks.

Special guest contributor DJ Reptile Haus (aka nocomment)

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