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Vince Foster
B. 1.15.45 Hope, Arkansas / D. 7.20.93 Washington, DC

Do you remember the White House channeling sessions of the first administration? Yes, I remember them very well.
"Indispensable to Roosevelt's well being and success was Mrs. Roosevelt, whom the entire country before long was calling by her first name. Franklin found traveling difficult, but Eleanor went everywhere, by car, train, and airplane, even to Pacific Ocean bases during World War II. She visited and talked to all sorts and conditions of people, giving them a feeling that the government really cared about them. She took a particular interest in the disoriented and confused young people then graduating from schools and colleges, and was instrumental in preventing thousands of them from going Red. Among the colored people she became a legendary benefactress; and, in so doing, alienated the White South. She maintained the atmosphere of a gentleman's country home in the White House, amid all the hurlyburly of the New Deal. But she never intruded upon or tried to influence the President's policy; in fact, she disapproved much of it, notably his neutrality policy toward the civil war in Spain. Eleanor Roosevelt survived her husband for eighteen years, but cheerfully continued her good works almost to the day of her death." Everything I've put off doing—everything I haven't done, period. Then the hundred billion things I should have done, but didn't—from even beginning to think about them I have to shy away, typically, but there it is, I don't want to lay myself open to a charge of depression. But tell me—could a depressed person have reached page 952 of Samuel Eliot Morrison's The Oxford History of the American People (1965) by now?

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