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Adolf Hitler
B. 4.20.1889 Braynau, Austria / D. 4.30.1945 Berlin, Germany
Suicide/Gun in the mouth

From the days when they knew how to write these things, the obituary by The New York Times. I was almost defeated by Hitler tonight, almost persuaded by the lateness of the hour to retreat. But what am I—France?
“It was not long after his coming to power that the churches found themselves at war with Hitler and his regime when they discovered that what he aimed at was no less than the substitution of a pagan German god for Christ.” There's so much you forget about Hitler. Personally I do not propose to substitute gods for one another but rather to increase the number recognized.
“Long before he had dreamed of achieving power he had developed the principles that nations were destined to hate, oppose and destroy one another; that the law of history was the struggle for survival between peoples; that the Germans were chosen by destiny to rule over others, and that the great mass of the people were mediocrities immersed in a low materialism and destined to be dominated by a higher social type.” I'll admit some of the similarities between Hitler’s opinions and my own—always with that “German” thing excepted—seem a little creepy. . .on their surface. But what does it matter so long as deep down I expect it's my destiny to be dominated too—by a Hitler!
“Nevertheless, he considered himself to be an artist of talent and hated the world for not according him recognition. He spent his leisure hours day-dreaming and brooding over his frustration. He himself admitted in his autobiography that up to his twenty-fifth year he was what is known as a good-for-nothing, a spoiled idler. Moved by a sensitive ego, a restless spirit and a quick mind, he yearned passionately to make an impression, to gain recognition, to attain to great achievements, to know everything, to attract attention, to master the world.” The fact is that compared to Hitler I am immature. He outgrew what I cannot.
“Adolf Hitler was an ascetic, a celibate and a vegetarian and he neither smoked nor drank. From his early youth he was an eccentric. At the age of 16 he suffered from lung trouble and his passionate ambition to become a great historical figure impelled him to take good care of himself. Careful diet was his deliberately chosen method.” Sometimes I wish I had been born a boy—it might have made me more stubborn.
“Hitler never went shopping and had all the things he wanted to purchase sent to him at the Chancellery. . .He loved onion soup, prepared according to his own recipe.” Who is despised enough these days to become the “next” Hitler? What anonymous C-minus student stuck in two rooms with his father’s knocked-up niece of a doting mother on food stamps? What too-scared-to-shoot-up-the-school type trolling on-line for grotesque memorabilia? What art school reject sleeping on a park bench, shaking in a Starbucks, screaming Free Mumia? Which one will be the “next” Hitler—which other one will be his personal assistant?
“While endowed with vast energy, he was a procrastinator in minor matters and was given to hasty decisions on important things. He talked with great rapidity. An interviewer usually found that it was himself who was being interviewed. While pretending to listen to advice, Hitler always made his own decisions.” I am not like Hitler, but my boss who is an Aries too is.

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