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Moctezuma II
B. 1480 / D. 6.30.1520 Tecnochtitlán, Mexico
Head Injury/Stoned While Addressing Angry Subjects

Is there a more beautiful double track in existence than Cortez the Killer followed by Powerderfinger on Neil Young’s Live Rust? My favorite story about the Aztecs is that they were so impressed by the Spaniards’ explanation of the crucifix, they wanted to make Christ the 99th god in their pantheon.
Had there only been time to establish this perspective. Maybe it’s not too late. Why not launch a movement advocating a return to authentic pre-Columbian culture—here on American soil?
To encourage scholarship. To stimulate investment.
To intrigue the European tourists. The Japanese, too.
And to turn immigration into a homecoming of sorts—one of the spiritual kind. To say, Spanish culture is for sissies. Look at your plaster saints, look at their five-cent dishcloth bibs, see how the paint has been worn off their toes by kissing—bid this goodbye. Welcome to America, where the New World has outgrown the name. Settle in, restore yourselves. They may have stolen your land, your gold, your languages—but here you can get restitution. We'll give back the best thing you lost—the old ways, the true ways.
What nature intended. Each solstice, in every great city, ten thousand youths of your noble blood hurled to their deaths down the steep stone steps of our towering pyramids.

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