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Today, as part of my perpetual effort to perform public service, I present a transcription of the speech with which Van Brett Watkins, “confessed trigger man in the drive-by shooting of Cherica Adams, pregnant girlfriend of former NFL wide receiver Rae Carruth,” concluded his testimony before the jury in a Charlotte, North Carolina courtroom.

“I didn’t need a gun. Okay? For me to kill somebody, I don’t need a gun. Can’t you look and see? I’m two hundred and eight-six pounds. Okay? I would rip you like a rag doll. Okay?"

(Defense attorney David Rudolph): Is that what you were going to do to Cherica?

“I could of. But I didn’t. Okay, I could have killed her, the baby, okay, that wasn’t my beef. I didn’t kill my wife with the meat cleaver—I threatened her. Okay? I didn’t hit Bridget with the crowbar—I threatened her. I was a dog barking. I didn’t do nothing. I ran. After my wife did that to me I left New York, packed up, took my tools and said, ‘I’m a good looking man I’ll be able to get another woman,’ left, went to Atlanta, was in the strip club with hundreds of girls—hundreds—when I had a problem with a girl I was dealing with in Atlanta, packed up, went to Charlotte, met Bridget, when I had a problem with Bridget I packed up, went back to Atlanta. I ran. This is what I tried to encourage the young man to do. I told him not to do it, for six months I avoided him, I didn’t go ahead and do it, I couldn’t do it. He forced me to do it. He threatened me and the ones I loved. And it’s still not over.

“So feel it. Feel the truth. Okay? I come from the city where you can feel it, you can tell when someone’s selling you shit and when somebody’s telling the truth. Feel it! Or your city is doomed. It’ll be like New York and Atlanta, within ten years. Remember what I said.

“He is representing a person who killed—had his baby’s momma and baby contracted out to kill—and all the time I’m looking at my girl and baby. How did you think I felt? I’m still human. Even though I have a LONG criminal history—I did it all—but I’m still human.

“God forbid.”

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